Direct mail offers a number of advantages over other advertising methods, including a better return on investment, compatibility with digital marketing, and the ability to target specific audiences. It has been around for many years and was, in fact, one of the cornerstones of traditional advertising. Even so, it remains a potent and viable marketing tool to this day, offering many significant benefits to businesses.

What is Direct Mail Advertising? 

Direct mail is an advertising strategy that involves sending messages to target customers via post. It is often mistaken for “mail order”, which has more to do with remote retail sales than marketing. 

Direct mail has many similarities with other advertising mediums such as print and broadcast media, with a different delivery approach. Print media involves the dissemination of messages via magazines and newspapers or magazines, and broadcast media messages utilize radio and television airwaves. In contrast, direct mail delivers messages via the postal service.

How Viable is Direct Mail Advertising in 2021? 

Sending targeted messages by mail might seem like an antiquated approach, given the existence of the television and the internet. Many companies have, in fact, abandoned direct mail entirely, considering it obsolete. 

But direct mail advertising remains a powerful and effective way to engage with an audience. Compared to more modern strategies such as email marketing, direct mail allows for a more personalized approach that could tip the odds in your favor. 

The statistics seem to bear this out. A 2016 report published by the Data & Marketing Association showed that customer response to direct mail increased by 43%. This represents a significant improvement in the response rates from the previous years.

Why Use Direct Mail Advertising in 2021?

Businesses generally benefit from utilizing as many marketing tools as they have at their disposal. However, these tools should be implemented strategically and in a carefully planned manner for maximum effect. Here are some reasons why you should continue to use direct mail advertising in 2021 and beyond: 

Increases Your ROI with Print

Many companies have shifted their focus toward online advertising to attract more customers and increase their returns. But direct mail advertising is actually a more effective strategy for boosting ROI, with a 29% median compared to the 16% for online ads.

Direct Mail Compliments Your Digital Marketing

If you already have a solid digital marketing campaign in place, you don’t have to put it aside to focus on direct mail advertising. Direct mail actually complements digital marketing perfectly, helping you connect the digital and real worlds. For example, you could include scannable code with your direct mail materials, making it easier to track engagements. 

Direct Mail Is A Tangible Marketing Tool 

In a world where everything has gone virtual, direct mail is a refreshing change that provides customers with something they can hold in their hands. This could result in a stronger connection with your message and a more favorable impression of your company. 

It’s More Likely to be Noticed  

Compared to email, direct mail is more likely to capture and retain the customer’s attention effectively. This is because most people are focused on the item at hand when checking physical mail. In contrast, email is usually checked when the receiver is otherwise engaged, making them more likely to be ignored. 

It Can Be Tracked Easily

Even with all the tools available for tracking email and digital marketing materials, direct mail is much easier to track. Having phone numbers and email addresses specifically for direct mail audiences and creating unique landing pages with specific URLs could improve metrics analysis and enhance data quality.

Direct Mail Sets You Apart From Competitors 

Finally, direct mail helps you stand out from other firms, many of which rely on digital marketing exclusively. By employing direct mail in your advertising efforts, you provide a welcome alternative to the technology overload that plagues so many marketing campaigns. Consequently, you could form more meaningful connections with your audience and establish the trustworthiness and approachability of your brand. 


Direct mail advertising is still a viable marketing tool in many ways. It is far from obsolete and, in fact, could be one of the most effective ways to connect with your target audience. When implemented as part of a more comprehensive advertising campaign, direct mail could boost your ROI and enable you to engage with your customers more effectively.

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